One Year


My sweet, sweet baby.  I was so emotional about him turning one.  He was such an easy baby and I enjoyed it so much this second time around, and it very well might be my last.  This year has gone so fast and been so tumultuous, but I was so lucky to be able to keep staying at home with both my babies.

It’s hard to write this post without a lot of comparison to Jane at this age.  She started doing everything early and he seems to have stayed a baby longer, no complaints on my part!


He started scooting around a few months ago, got pretty fast, and never learned how to crawl.  I wasn’t concerned about that, but then he would hardly ever bear weight on his legs and at almost a year still wasn’t pulling up to stand.  At his year appointment the doc moved his legs all over and said “yup, looks like he’s double jointed in his knees and hips.  great if he wants to be a gymnast, but not so easy to learn to stand.”

He learned immediately after that and now it’s all he wants to do  =).  Usually at the park (park meaning our three hour sessions where adults sit on picnic blankets and kids ideally go play) he sits right by me, sometimes playing in the grass, sometimes crawling all over me, until I finally get him to nap somehow and get a break.  But today, for the first time ever, he scooted himself all the way across the playground to where the big kids were, pulling himself up on the toys and bottom of the slides, and was happy like that for the better part of an hour.  I couldn’t stop staring, couldn’t believe it, my baby suddenly off on his own!


Words:  His favorite word is Da Deeeee, which he says whenever he is excited about anything, but especially when he sees Nathan.  He lunges out of my arms to get to him, it is so sweet.  Next favorite word is “down!”.  He’ll throw something down and say it, and if you act astonished and say “oh!  you threw it down!”  and give it back he’ll laugh so hard and do it over and over again.  We sit on the bed in the morning and I’ll say “Aiden down?” and he’ll get the cutest mischievous look on his face and fall over, so proud of himself for the joke.

He also babbles “Mamama” and we have heard him say “light” and “balloon” and “hi” but that’s all I can think of now.

Sleep is ok, he goes to bed about 6:30 or 7:00, now always falling asleep with a bottle.  He wakes up about 3:30 a.m. and it’s been awhile (couple months?) since I’ve been able to nurse him back to sleep.  He’ll nurse, but scream when I put him back in the crib, so I’ve been making a bottle then out of desperation even though I know he doesn’t need it and it’s a bad habit to get into.  Sometimes he also wakes very early a.m., pre 6:00 when I know he isn’t rested so I do the same thing then.  Now that I’m writing it out this seems excessive and is very disruptive to my sleep so I should try to remedy that…

Other than nighttime he takes a consistent 1 hr. 15 min. nap two hours after waking up, and usually an afternoon nap but it’s also usually on the go so gets cut short – he’ll fall asleep in the car but not for longer than 30-45 minutes.

Aiden 1 yr

He still doesn’t have any teeth!  But I’ve started giving him all the real people food just in softer form.  He’s not picky but seems to have lost interest in bland things like cheerios, meanwhile will happily eat tangy garlic hummus or curried tofu.

Of course he loves his sister so much, but who wouldn’t?  She is so sweet and funny and mature – she really does help take care of him and is always watching out for him.  I hear my voice in hers, she’ll reprimand him, “Aiden, no, that is not a toy!” and always make sure to put the roll of toilet paper or whatever out of reach.  Today he dumped a bag of magnetic letters all over the floor, most of which were safe to play with but there were a few random smaller magnets in the bottom I hadn’t noticed.  When I went into Jane’s room I saw that she had separated every one of the dozen or so smaller magnets out of the mess and put them up where he couldn’t reach.  She makes me such a proud and happy mama!!

(How were they ever this small?!)


One last thing I want to note about Aiden that I hope he never stops doing – laying his head on my chest whenever he is tired or feeling shy.  This is probably such a common baby thing to do, but I don’t remember Jane doing it, and my heart my fills with love every time it happens, I can hardly help saying out loud “ohhhh, my baby”.

It was my favorite when he was a newborn too, seems like so long ago:




It flew by, of course. I wanted to get down at least one day in the life to capture it. I recorded this more than a month ago:

Thursday, August 13th

Me:  Almost 33.  Jane:  Almost 4.5  Aiden:  10.5 months

6:00 a.m.:  Aiden’s up.  Our current sleeping arrangement is his crib right next to my bed, so this means I’m up too.  Way too early for me, I’ve been hoping to somehow get his wakeup time closer to 7:00 but for now…  I’ve had a lot more 9:30 p.m. bedtimes than I ever thought I would.  He also still wakes once during the night but goes back to sleep right away if I nurse him.

6:45:  Move into the kitchen after nursing in bed awhile then playing in the living room.  (Well, me snoozing on the couch while hoping Aiden entertains himself for as long as possible.)

He doesn't crawl, just butt scoots.

He doesn’t crawl, just butt scoots.

6:55:  Jane gets up and still wearing this watch some grandma gave her the day before, talking immediately about how it says a different time than the kitchen clock.  She’s really into telling time and is pretty good at it!


7:00:  Trying to wash my face, but everyone is in the bathroom with me and Aiden is currently obsessed with putting his hands on the toilet.  At least he hasn’t started to pull up on things yet.

7:15:  Feed AD breakfast – oatmeal with pureed fruit.  Still no teeth!

7:30:  Jane gets her morning show (something 25 minutes off pbs kids) with starter breakfast of cheerios and milk, I clean the kitchen and cut up a cantaloupe for the park later.  AD starts getting fussy and I put him in the jumper.


8:00:  Jane and Aiden play together (she is still such an amazing big sister, always helpful and makes the baby laugh like no one else), I make a pot of quinoa for later, and browse this Simply Natural Baby Food book because Aiden is SO into solids lately and I’ve forgotten what I used to feed Jane at this age.


8:20:  Tell Jane we need to make a card and pick a birthday present for one of our best friend’s parties tomorrow.  I love this group of friends so much, it’s standard practice for us to tell the kids to pick one of their own toys to give away for someone’s birthday present.  It’s frugal, a nice lesson for the kids, and saves us a trip to the store!

8:30:  Jane gets her real breakfast of oatmeal, pb, flax, molasses, and fruit.

8:40:  Aiden is very ready for his morning nap.  My supply seems to have gone down with starting solids, but he’s still so hungry we’re supplementing with formula, just like with Jane.  I make his bottle and Jane says “Mama, I can carry that bottle, since you’re carrying a baby.”  Soooo sweet!  She always needs to give him a kiss goodnight before his nap too.

9:00:  Get in the shower.  Jane comes in to say “Mom know what?” for like the 50th time this morning.  I’m really ready for school to start.

9:20:  Out of shower, drink coffee, chat with a friend about swapping child care on FB.

9:35:  Talk on the phone to another friend.

9:45:  Jane gets picked up for a 4 day summer school session, which she’s going to with the 5 yr. old we’re watching about 4 days/wk. this summer.  The other girl’s parents bring them to the class and then I pick them up and watch their daughter for the rest of the day.

10:00:  Aiden wakes up.

Selfie in my at home lounge clothes. I wear these shorts pretty much every day.

Selfie in my at home lounge clothes. I wear these shorts pretty much every day.

11:30:  A friend through my child care swap group drops off her daughter, same age as Jane, then we leave shortly after to pick up the other two girls and go to the park.  (My life is so full of kids!)

The Park is the same one we always go to, our home away from home for the past three summers.  We probably spend at least 2-3 hours here about three times per week.  It’s the kind of place where you don’t really have to make plans to meet people, but you know at least a couple of your friends will be there.  I can’t describe how much I love our neighborhood and the community of parents here.

Kids running to line up for the food truck.

Kids running to line up for the food truck.





^Don’t let babies push babies in strollers  😉

2:30:  Home from the park.

Notes get spotty here.  I probably let the girls watch a show to have a rest.  Their parents come to pick them up about 4:00 and 4:30.

5:00:  Nathan comes over after work.  I suppose this is where I mention he no longer lives with us.  It’s not something I feel comfortable going into detail about on the blog, but basically he announced suddenly at the beginning of Feb. that he didn’t want to be married anymore.  Nothing I did could change his mind.  He moved out at the beginning of the summer.  It’s been rough, of course, but we’ve settled into a routine where he comes over to help with bedtime a few nights a week and lately things have been mostly amicable.

5:30:  Nathan takes the kids to his gym.

5:45:  I leave on my bike to go to yoga.

6:30:  Yoga.

7:30:  Yoga done and bike to the co-op for some groceries.  It’s Thursday and our regular girls’ night at the neighborhood bar, but I’m resisting their texts because I have a bunch of plans over the next 3 days for my birthday weekend and don’t want to be tired.

8:40:  Home, put groceries away, shower, eat (quinoa/kale/hummus/nooch/sauerkraut bowl), play on the internet, go to bed.


Friday, April 17th, 2015

Me:  32.5, Nathan:  Two days shy of 41, Jane:  4 plus 2 months, Aiden:  6.5 months

I woke up this morning and heard Aiden babbling and realized it’s been months since I’ve documented anything about either kid so decided today was the day, an impromptu Day In The Life:

7:15 a.m.:  Wake up tired and mildly hung over.  Last night I took my bike out for the first time (YAY spring!) to run some errands, one of which was delivering beer to a friend for a huge favor they did me earlier in the week.  So I ended up staying out late and drinking, plus Aiden still wakes up several times per night.

7:30:  In the bathroom, washing my face, and Jane is next to me, talking as usual, asking what we are doing today.  I used to think people were crazy for deliberately waking up earlier than their kids, but now I understand.  The talking is more than I can handle at this point in the day.  She is so sweet and smart though.  She loves to write down what we do each day on her calendar, which I got from the $1 store for x-mas.  In the past few weeks she’s started sounding out words to write on her own and I am soooo impressed!

Right now I’m just trying to have a minute alone to wake up though, so I ask her to go read a book to Aide who’s still in his swing and she’s such a good helper/big sister she agrees.


7:45:  Milo, the almost 2 year old we watch today, arrives.  Jane starts singing a song like “I get to sit in the front todaaaaayayayyayayyyyy” complete with vibrato and a bunch of rhyming words, which she’s really into right now.  (She gets to sit in front in a booster since Milo will be in her car seat in the back.)

7:50:  “Mom, this baby smells like he has a poop!”  And she was right.  And it was very nearly a blowout poo!  But Aiden in his typical happy way had sat in it for who knows how long without complaining a bit.  I change him and nurse him.

So much to say about Aiden right now!  He continues to be an amazing sweet (pretty) easy baby.  His hair dries naturally into a mohawk.  Big flaky pieces still come off his scalp (cradle cap?).  He sat up unassisted for the first time this week.  We hardly ever call him Aiden, mostly A. Dee or A. Dees, which I’m unsure how to spell as a name. I’ll just write AD for the remainder of this post.  He likes to babble “deedee deedee”.  I love him so much and am always squeezing his suddenly really fat thighs and kissing him and telling him he cannot grow up any more because he is my baby.

My little naked fatties, both about 6 months:








8:00: Get breakfast ready for the older two kids. Except Jane gets a lot of her own breakfast ready, she eats oatmeal almost every morning, with peanut butter, flax, fruit, and molasses. She gets out all the ingredients plus bowl and spoon and presses the buttons on the microwave by herself.

I make a grocery list for Costco (we are almost out of molasses) and start dry-frying some tofu for lunch.

Perfect fried tofu:


Jane says “Mom, you know what?” like 30 times. Sometimes she doesn’t even know what to say after, just wants my attention. But sometimes she says things like “I have four dollars in my purse, it’s like, so crazy!” in a voice I’d expect from a teenager.



8:30: Put AD down for a nap. I still just swaddle him and lay him on my bed:


Jane and Milo play a game that involves throwing a piece of paper back and forth. I love that she can have fun even with a 2 yr. old who doesn’t talk yet.


8:45: Finish the tofu, AD is still fussing so I go in to nurse him again. Jane shows me a “magic trick” with her Corduroy book where she basically tells me to look the other way while she hides it. I try my best to look interested.

9:00: AD finally is sleeping, I set up playdoh for the kids and get in the shower.

9:30: Go in the bedroom to get my clothes and AD wakes up. GAH why did I have to walk in RIGHT at the 45 minute mark? He’s started waking up (tired and cranky) at 45 minutes, just like Jane did at this age. Luckily, unlike her, he’s quick to get in a better mood and usually easy to get to sleep again if he needs another nap soon.

10:15 – 12:45: Go to a friend’s to play and have lunch. It’s gorgeous outside and she has a blow up bouncy house in her backyard, awesome:


1:00: Home, start naptimes. The two year old goes down no problem. I struggle with AD for like an hour and he finally sleeps at 2:30. Jane is super crabby by this time and wants me to lay on the living room floor with her, put her legs on me, nothing is right. She falls asleep and I try to sneak out and she loses it and I lay down again so frustrated, the vision of the title of the book Go The F*ck To Sleep burning in my brain.

3:00: Finally all the kids are sleeping. I make a salad, sit quietly, do some work on the computer.

4:00: Kids wake up one by one, we have snacks, change diapers, clean up, play, pack for Nonni’s because we’re leaving as soon as Milo gets picked up so Jane can sleep over. AD eats a TON of rice cereal, it’s only the third time I’ve offered it, first time he didn’t quite know what to do, but now he loves it. I clip and file my nails, they feel disgusting to me if I let them get too long.

Stop to take a selfie:

We go outside to play for awhile, but soon after I get everyone out, Jane has to come in to poop. High on my wish list for things to have in a house is a fenced backyard that I can see from my kitchen window so I can be inside and the kids can be safely out. Unfortunately we only have a front yard on a busy street with no fence.

6:15: Finally off to Nonni’s, but Aiden screams the entire 25 minute ride. Hang out with my mom and sis for about an hour.


8:00: Come home, exhausted at the end of this week, get Aiden to sleep, and start writing this post but only get through about 9 a.m. (finishing it nearly a week later!), and go to bed!













It’s the time of year when many people in our climate start dreaming of moving somewhere else.  I gave up those crazy ideas years ago (winter has actually gotten easier for me to deal with post-kids!), but I do still definitely prefer summer.

Every year I’m like “oh I’m going to embrace winter this year, go snowshoeing or something, get some better outdoor gear”.  And then I just stay inside and pour more whiskey into my tea.  At least I have aspirations!  I am so in awe of people I see biking this time of year.  Someday…  maybe…!

We spent the holidays mostly sick.  Everyone we know was hit with something in those few weeks.  Nathan had the flu, the kids both had coughs forever, somehow I got away with only getting half sick – literally, I could not hear out of my right ear, and snot was coming only out of the right side of my nose.


Now it’s just the countdown until spring.  January is halfway over, yay!  Feb. is short and is the month of celebrating love, and Jane’s birthday, which will be held at a place that serves alcohol this year (what took me so long?).  March I plan to do an unlimited month of yoga, and get in shape for going to visit one of my bestest friends in L.A. in April.  I’ve never been to Cali!  She has an 18 mo. old girl and we will just hang out with our babies on the beach  =).

Other random things:

-Aiden is still wonderful.  He’s the baby that makes me want more babies.  When I see him I say ridiculous things like “I wuv wuv wuvs you my bubby boobles”.


-I finally calculated our net worth.  I feel ashamed admitting this, being so into personal finance.  But for so long I’ve been focused on our day to day budget and not spending more than we make in a month, because that has been such a challenge for years.  I sat down one Saturday night (I know, party animal) and put all our retirement accounts from previous jobs, other savings and debt into one spreadsheet.  And was pleasantly surprised we are not in the negative!

-I’ve started watching Wheel of Fortune a lot (I rarely watch tv but it’s on right when Nathan is getting home from work/Aiden is wanting to be held/I’m needing a break from the whole day) and dreaming about being a contestant.  Or maybe Nathan being a contestant because he’s better under pressure than I am and just as good.  Jane watches it with me and gets SO excited when I “win”.  I seriously love this show, it’s one of the only smart shows left on tv.

That’s about all, hope you are having a wonderful winter wherever you are.  One final pic of Jane dressing up Aiden in a Queen Elsa hat.  That is some kind of makeup on her face, which she is obsessed with, thanks Auntie Jen  =).


Life Updates

Just wanted to capture what everyone’s like at this stage – especially Aiden, who, as a stereotypical 2nd child, does not have a baby book started yet.


Aiden!:  Just turned 2 months and it seems like he’s been with us forever.  He continues to be an easy baby.  There’s never been an extended period of crying, he’s easily soothed just by being held.  He’s sleeping 6-7 hours straight at night, but this usually starts about 8 p.m. so doesn’t mean an uninterrupted night for me.  (As tired as I get, 10 p.m. is about the earliest I can get to bed.)  Then he usually wakes a couple more times before we’re up for the day, but again, he usually goes right back to sleep, never any middle of the night crying.  Daytime sleeping patterns are still really unpredictable, but he’s never awake for long.

He still doesn’t do much, but started smiling around 6 weeks which is awesome.  He has the cutest expressions raising his little eyebrows.  People say he looks so much like Jane, and I suppose there are similarities, but his dark hair and fat face (and easy temperament!) make him seem like a very different baby to me.

Jane:  Is still such a character at “three and three quarters”.

IMG_0417She loves playing dress up, princesses, Frozen, and makeup.  She still hasn’t displayed any of the dreaded older sibling behaviors I read all about before Aiden was born.  Never seems jealous and is even more patient than I am!  One morning I was obviously getting frustrated trying to get out of the house and Aiden was fussing in his swing I sighed and was like “sorry Jane, I just want him to go to sleep so we can get ready” and she came up and rubbed my arm and said “Mama, it’s ok, I understand.  Babies just cry sometimes, it’s ok.”  I love her so much.

She also seems so much older because she’s started asking how to spell words and then remembering how to spell them on her own.  I couldn’t believe it when she showed me how she wrote “Auntie Jen”!!


Me:  32 years old.  Feel older when I now say I have “kids” plural.  I’m still feeling better than I expected, I especially thought the cold weather would be tough, but it’s ok, time is going fast.  There are some annoying physical things going on that would’ve bothered me a lot more in the past, but maybe I just don’t have time to focus on them or maybe have grown out of caring so much?

My skin is acting up, which I know is common in this postpartum period, but, UGH.  Skin and hair were so great during this pregnancy and now I have low level acne and redness all over.  My hair is flat and falling out and I feel like I have to shower more often (but maybe part of that is due to having milk/spit up dribbled all over me too…..)  I spent a large chunk of time this morning researching skin remedies and made a face wash tonight with Almond, lavender, and Vitamin E oils, plus aloe straight from our plant.

One thing I need to do soon is find a way to get regular workouts in, for my mood more than my figure.  My body looks pretty much back to normal, but my current weight is at a number that would’ve horrified me during much of my past life.  I’m surprised at how little I dwell on it though, I cringe at how obsessed I used to get over “the number”.  I just wear looser clothes now and am happy I grew a baby.  Hopefully this lovely phase of body acceptance will last awhile!


Nathan:  40 years old.  I don’t have any pics of Nathan right now, and there are hardly any pics of the 4 of us!  He’s working the same shitty paying job with the same shitty hour each way commute, worse in the winter when it’s dark and made longer because of snow.  He’s still going through the application process to become a cop, and we’ll find out in late Jan. or Feb., so at least that’s giving him some hope for now.  But by the time he gets home at night and eats, it’s almost time for Jane to go to bed and he doesn’t have time for much else.  I feel so bad every time I think of him doing that commute and sitting in an office all day, and am thankful for being able to stay at home, even though I can get pretty beat by the end of the day too.

Overall, things are good.  Looking forward to all things x-mas, it helps get through the first part of winter, then we just have Jan. and Feb. to deal with!



Combining these to keep it short, it’s already Saturday night, and I’m a little blogged out.

Also, our computer is acting up – it’s a 5 year old unfancy laptop and the computer repair guy said it sounds like we need a new hard drive.  UGGGHHH.  All I use this thing for is checking e-mail, basic internet searches, and storing our word docs and photos.  Some people suggested we get a “chromebook” that uses a different system where you store things in a “cloud”.  wtf is that, why does technology have to be so confusing?

Anyway, if you know anything about these chromebook things, please give me some advice!

Thursday, Oct. 30th

Typical preschool day, Jane gets picked up, I have some downtime, I go get the girls at noon.  Naps, cooking, cleaning, husband home, bedtimes, end.  Highlights:

-Jane tried on some pants that were too small and said “that’s ok, we can just save them for my baby sister.”  No, she is not confused about Aiden, she will just occasionally mention like it’s a fact that she will someday have a little sister.  This is sort of how I feel too.  We never made a decision to have a 3rd, haven’t discussed it much (and before about a year ago I never would’ve seen myself having 3!).  But… I do sort of think we’ll have a 3rd, it will be a girl, and her name will be Jessa.

-Nathan and Jane carved the little pumpkins we grew in our garden this year:




-I went to the co-op alone, mostly just to get out of the house.  Was feeling pretty tired and fried and of course I see 4 people I know (two of which I managed to avoid).  Usually I love the way our neighborhood is so much like a small town, but wasn’t really into it tonight!


Friday, Oct. 31st

Halloween!  We love it!!  I was a little disappointed to be missing out on some really fun “adult” parties this year, but just too soon with the baby.  I was mostly content to take it easy.  I even skipped our neighborhood party at the rec center this morning, knowing it would be super crowded and I wouldn’t even get a chance to sit and talk to my friends, which is usually my main motivation.

Instead we went to Turnstyle (a consignment shop where I sometimes bring clothes).  I finally cleaned out all my old “office clothes” I’d been hanging onto just because they cost so much and were such a bitch to shop for.  Unfortunately they didn’t take a lot, but I did have $47 in my account from last time, yay!  Made me feel much less guilty about spending that $43 on Wed.

Also this morning Aiden projectile spit up all over the floor.  I could NOT BELIEVE the distance and amount of liquid that shot out of that little baby (see the puddle in lower left hand corner?):


Nathan came home early and we started getting ready to go out.  Our friends came over and we walked around the block doing trick or treat, then went to a party at our neighbor’s house.  Had a bit of brandy + hot chocolate and some good beer, came home around 8:30 and it felt like a perfect version of “partying” with 2 little kids  =).

I present Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Trinity from The Matrix:  (We had a cute little peapod costume for Aiden, but he was sleeping and I was lazy).

010 011 014




7:30 a.m.:  Wake up and nurse Aiden after a pretty decent night of sleep.

8:00:  Nathan leaves for work and drops Jane off at our neighbor’s house, because I do NOT want to deal with trying to get all three of us ready and to the doctor at 9:30 (an extraordinary effort for me) AND be ready to go meet my friends after too.

So now I just have to get myself ready and even have time to make breakfast and tea to-go and pack all necessary things for my first ever mall outing with baby.  I rarely go to the mall in the first place and never even attempted shopping with Jane, so this is totally new to me.

9:30:  Arrive at doctor’s, wait half an hour to be seen.  Use 5 seconds of this time to take a selfie:


10:15:  Finally get to talk to our regular doctor, who says “I would say he has a mild case of jaundice, but if I’d seen him during a normal visit I wouldn’t even be concerned enough to have him tested.”  and “The doctor you saw at urgent care yesterday said she never saw jaundice emerge this late?  And she’s a pediatrician??”  and “Home visit nurses tend to be really over reactive.”  “Come back next week and we’ll make sure it’s not getting worse, but this is not unusual.”

Well ok then!  We basically have nothing to worry about, just had to endure a few really stressful hours because of two health care “professionals” who didn’t really know what they were talking about.

11:00:  Leave the doc, so relieved, and happy I will not even be that late to the mall date.  It’s one of my best mom friend’s birthdays and last week I asked her what she wanted to do and she said “go shopping and get a facial”.  I agreed to the shopping (but have never and don’t ever intend to get a facial!)  It was sort of a last minute plan and I didn’t figure our other friends would be able to get away on a day we don’t normally hang out, but I asked them to meet us as a surprise and all 5 of us were able to make it!

And it was so fun!  I haven’t been shopping “with a friend” for probably 10 years…  I used to love to shop as a teenager but now going to the mall just usually makes me dizzy.

Us four have 11 children age 4 and under, and one on the way:  (Babies were allowed on this outing, but no talking children!)


3:00:  Get home, Jane is napping, talk to my grandma who picked her up earlier from my neighbor’s and watched her the rest of the day. (This is an atypical Wednesday – usually my grandma just comes over and plays with Jane and we drink coffee and hang out.) Eat and check my e-mail.

3:30:  Jane is up.

4:00 – 6:00:  Jane watches a show and does some crafts, I clean, do laundry, return some phone calls…


6:30:  Nathan is home and I put together some leftovers from dinner and show him my purchases.  I feel slightly guilty about spending $43 at the mall, even though it got me 2 dresses, a shirt, a tank, and a pair of leggings.  He likes the stuff (but I think just likes seeing me un-pregnant in anything right now!) but I’ll probably still return half of it.

A dress that I love the bottom part but not the top so would probably wear with a  sweater and leggings:   photo 3

8:30:  Carry Aiden to sleep in the ergo and finally sit down to write this.  Planning to go to bed before 10:00 tonight…

photo 1

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